Look Fabulous on Your Wedding Day

Many women dream of the perfect wedding. It is certainly the most exciting time of your life, involving a hell lot of detailing and planning. In the quest of achieving perfection, you end up spending months mulling over details; your bridal dress, the decor, the theme, and color scheme, the guest list, the menu, etc. The list may seem to be never-ending.

Among all these things, looking your absolute best should be one of your top priorities. While make-up definitely will enhance your wedding day look, having bold, voluminous lashes is just what you need to take your look to the next level. If you’re looking to flaunt gorgeous, full lashes look to accentuate your eyes, lash extensions are certainly the way to go. Since eyelash extensions do not follow the one size fits all rule, brides can completely customize their lash extension look for their wedding. So what are you waiting for? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about gorgeous lash extensions for your wedding day! Why are Lash Extensions Great For Weddings?

Most brides-to-be and make-up artists typically opt for false lashes, however, professional lash salons would argue that lash extensions are the best option for your big day. Here’s why- Lash Extensions Save Time & Are More Manageable In general, eyelash extensions are great for women who want a low-maintenance look in the mornings. We know how hectic weddings can get for the host; thus, saving time on make-up is very beneficial on your wedding day. What better way to save time than getting yourself gorgeous, low-maintenance extensions from Wisp Lashes? When you visit your make-up artist, it can typically take hours to complete the final wedding look. They meticulously work on your hair and make-up, to help you achieve the picture-perfect wedding look. Enhancing the beauty of your eyes takes a good portion of the time. If you have opted for eyelash extensions before your special day, your eyes will already be blessed with volume. Half your battle is won!

What is more, you will not only look stunning with the synthetic lashes during your wedding, but it will help you to be honeymoon ready as well. So, whether you dive in the pool or go sky-diving, your luscious lash look will be with you for at least 2 to 3 weeks. They won’t suddenly fall off while you are amidst all the fun and adventure. In addition, you won’t have to make your beau wait while you spend hours getting dressed as lash extensions eliminate the need for excessive amounts of make-up. They Look Great in Wedding Photos Long, fluffy, thick, and luscious lash extensions always make the eye appear bolder and bigger; this is why ladies opt for this technique before their wedding! If you favor the natural makeup look for your wedding, the classic set eyelash extensions will be best for you. They will make your eyes appear lively and beautiful in your wedding photos, while the weary, tired eyes due to the pre-nuptial stress take a back seat. Also, if you happen to get emotional and shed a few tears on your wedding day, there will be no black streaks ruining your makeup. Once you embrace eyelash extensions, you can say goodbye to your false lash strips and mascara and enjoy your effortlessly flawless lashes.

You Can Customize Your Lash Look Unlike falsies or strip lashes, eyelash extensions can be customized to enhance the shape of your eyes and face. Each lash look is perfectly designed for the clients; you get to choose the right length, curl, color, and thickness of the eyelash extensions to either tone or elevate your natural lashes. If you want to add more volume and drama, then a full set of volume eyelash extensions may be the best option for you. The lash artist decides on the final lash look after taking into consideration the client’s needs as well as judging the condition of the natural lashes. How Long Before Your Wedding Should You Get Eyelash Extensions? As mentioned earlier, the perfect wedding takes quite a lot of planning. The reason why you are opting for eyelash extensions is much the same; you want them to make you look great on your wedding day. So getting them earlier is advisable than getting them later as you will have time to fix any issues that might arise with your extensions before the big day. If you are a newbie to this beauty technique, then getting your lash extensions done for the first time just before your wedding day is not always advised. Future brides must schedule the appointment for a full set minimum 2-3 weeks before the big day and must come for a refill appointment a few days before your wedding day. Getting your lashes done from a professional eyelash extensions salon at least 3 days before will give the glue some time to cure before you put on your wedding makeup. And having them on for your make-up trial will help the artist envision the outcome and change the make-up products if at all they contain oil or any such products that can ruin the lash adhesive. You Need Time to Decide on Your Ideal Look Getting a full set of lashes done quite sometime before your wedding day will give you the chance to experiment with several different looks before you set your heart on the final one. During each refill appointment, you can ask your stylist to make a few changes, depending on what you like or don’t like. You can simply add more length to the outer corner of the eyes or even switch from the somber classic eyelash extensions to the more melodramatic volume lashes. In simple words; the sooner you hop on the eyelash extensions bandwagon, the better! On average it takes 2-3 lash refill appointments to customize your lash line to give you the lashes of your dreams.

Rule Out the Risk of an Allergic Reaction Eyelash extensions make use of lash glue, containing Cyanoacrylate for lash bonding. Some people might develop an allergic reaction that can range from slight itching to severe pain and swelling. The intensity of the allergy is dependent on the body’s response to the formaldehyde fumes released during the curing period of the lash adhesive. The first thing professional lash stylists ensure is that you are not sensitive to the lashing adhesive. Although the chances of this are minimal, everyone is different, so it is important to eliminate any possibility of developing an allergic reaction. Another thing to consider is that if you have experienced an allergic reaction earlier, the chances of you developing a reaction again are very high. Additionally, stress and hormonal changes, which are a part and parcel of weddings can cause your immunity to drop, making the body more sensitive. With your wedding in the pipeline, it is important to take a safer course of action and not step into the lash salon just a day before the wedding. Considering the importance of the occasion, it is better to play it safe and schedule your first appointment ahead of time to avoid any unnecessary hassle at the last moment. The last thing any bride would wish for is to develop an allergic reaction just before the wedding.

Beautiful Lashes for Occasions Before the Wedding Getting your lashes done for your wedding day is a no-brainer, but showing them off before your wedding day gives you sufficient time to benefit from lush and lovely lashes. These beauties will not only make you look gorgeous at pre-wedding events like brunches, bachelorette parties, and the rehearsal dinner but you will radiate confidence in every moment. Schedule an Appointment For Your Bridesmaids The other ladies who share the limelight are your bridesmaids, your mom, and your mother-in-law. So once you have done all the trials and testing with your lash extensions and are satisfied with the marvelous outcome, you might want your best gals to get a set as well! All this is possible only if you have got the ball rolling a few months before. Your squad flaunting beautiful eyes and lashes can cut down on make-up time, saving you ample spare time to pose for beautiful wedding pics. If they too will have some time on hand, they will get a chance to experiment with different looks before they finally decide on the style that works best for them. Getting eyelash extensions for all of your bridesmaids will make your whole crew sparkle and shine; but, you are and you will be the showstopper! A Few More Tips from Professional Eyelash Extension Experts

Do not compromise on the quality of service We know that weddings call for huge expenses and you might be tempted to opt for a budget-friendly lash service, but do yourself a favor by not settling for something that may lead to a bridal nightmare. Top-notch services may be slightly heavy on your pocket, but when it comes to your eyes and the health of your natural lashes, it is important to trust the experts. So, invest in a professional lash extensions service for your special day, without any compromises. Before finalizing your lash stylist, do your homework. Speak to someone who may have tried their services or you can simply check reviews on google. Stick to a Natural Look You deserve all the attention without a doubt; it’s your day and you deserve to look stunning. But, if you wish to listen to the experts, don’t opt for colored lashes for your wedding day. Pitch-black color extensions will offer brides a natural look that will enhance their eyes. The fair-complexioned brides can try the brown lash extensions. Additionally, if you are an early bird at the lash salon, then you can upgrade from classic eyelash extensions to volume lashes. You might feel that this sounds like a contradiction as volume lashes don’t offer a natural look. But, we beg to differ here. Volume lashes do not always mean unnatural; in fact, a skilled lash technician can create a beautiful volume fan that looks natural. And the best part is that volume lashes compliment the heavy bridal makeup by adding the ” wow” factor to your natural lashes. Stick to the Dos and Don’ts If you want your eyelash extensions to last for your wedding and your honeymoon, especially during the summer months, embrace the maintenance regime. Steer clear from any beauty treatments or products that contain oil as it has an adverse effect on lash retention. This includes moisturizers, sunscreens, concealers, cleansers, lightweight primers, etc. Inform your makeup artist about the same so that they are well prepared. Say no to thickening or lash-strengthening solutions as they can damage your precious beauties. For the first two to three days post your lash extension appointment, refrain from getting your lashes wet or exposed to steam to allow the glue enough time to set. So any facial, sauna, steam baths, etc. will have to be done before lash application. No matter how tired you are, it is recommended to avoid sleeping on your back. If you do so, you might end up brushing your eyelash extensions. And rubbing your eyes is a strict no-no as your delicate eyelash extensions might prematurely fall off. Last but not the least, clean your lash extensions thoroughly but gently, using an eyelash extension cleanser and a spoolie brush to keep them lasting long.

Wrapping Up Brides deserve to look absolutely gorgeous on their special day. What better way to get this than getting a flawless set of eyelash extensions? Not only will they enhance your natural beauty and make your eyes pop, but they’ll help to cut back on the time spent getting ready for your wedding. If you’ve decided to opt for lash extensions after reading through this blog, Wisp Lashes is here to help! Head to our website to book your appointment today and get the lash look of your dreams.