Hybrid Eyelash Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

In recent years, hybrid eyelash extensions have risen in popularity, all thanks to our red carpet Hollywood celebs who have given this lashing trend a much-deserved popularity boost. Inspired clients have coaxed lash technicians across the globe to create some of the most beautiful and voluminous hybrid lashes possible. Hybrid lashes, much as the term refers, take the best of both worlds. Technicians achieve the most sought-after lash looks by skillfully blending classic and volume lash treatments throughout your natural lashes. They are perfect for anyone who can’t decide between our classic and volume lashes! We’re here to provide you with the inside scoop on hybrid lashes. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know. What are Hybrid Lashes?

Do you want to have a lash look that is less tailored and more free-form? Then hybrid lashes are just for you! Hybrid lashes are a game-changer for those who wish to add the drama of volume lashes as well as retain the minimalism of classic lashes. They sit right in the middle road, giving clients an adaptable look that is not as subtle as classic eyelash extensions or as dense as volume lashes. Their popularity has particularly surged as they give lash wearers more opportunity to personalize their lash look. To give your lashes beautiful depth and volume, the hybrid fans are made by affixing two to eight glued lash extensions to a single natural eyelash. The hybrid lashes often use 70 percent volume eyelash extensions and 30 percent classic eyelash extensions in varying proportions. However, no fixed ratio is followed. The best part about this technique is that it can be customized to a 50/50 ratio to get the perfect blend of dramatic and natural. For those ladies with sparse lashes, using a 60 percent volume lash extension and 40 percent classic eyelash extension ratio is usually best. What application technique is used for hybrid lashes?

Due to the precision and creative skills needed for the application of hybrid lash extensions, it takes about two and half hours to complete a full set. In reality, there is not much difference between the classic, volume, and hybrid lash extensions besides deciding where to place the fans. The position of the hybrid lashes depends on the lash mapping and the final lash look you are trying to attain. Isolating each eyelash before attaching extensions is a common rule for all three types of extensions. In the hybrid technique, two handmade fans are placed on two separate isolated lashes. On either side of the fans, a single lash extension will be placed. This method is repeated several times until all the lashes on your lash line are covered. You can invite a lash disaster if you are not cautious of glue. If you try to work too fast in one section, the glue may not have had sufficient time to dry, messing up the entire lash application procedure. Professional eyelash extensions salon recommends working by isolating a lash in the inner corner, then taking the middle section and finally the outer corner to give the lashes sufficient time for drying. Another technique that works is to isolate one lash on the right eye and then isolate one lash on the left eye. Moving from one eye to another will help to give sufficient time to glue on both the eyes to dry, ensuring that both eyes will have an equal number of lashes on them. So, even if the client has to leave in the middle for some reason, they will have a balanced look as both eyes will have the same number of lashes. Classic Vs Volume Vs Hybrid: Which is better?

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Clients are often confused about which lash technique they must opt for; there is no right or wrong answer to this question. Professional lash extensions artist must offer impartial advice by weighing all the pros and cons. Their decision must be based on the lash look the clients want to achieve as well as the health of their natural lashes. The classic set eyelash extensions technique uses the 1:1 ratio, where a single eyelash extension is placed on an individual natural lash. You can only apply as many extensions as your natural lashes permit as without natural lashes there can be no extensions. This style is particularly suitable to add more length and just a bit of oomph to your natural lashes without going overboard. So for those who desire a soft, natural lash enhancement, and aim on achieving more length than volume, the classic eyelash extensions will work the best. If ladies with short or light-colored lashes opt for black eyelash extensions, then it helps to add a deeper more dramatic color to your natural lashes. To finish a full set of classic lashes, it can take roughly from 1.5 hours to 2 hours. If your clients have sparse natural lashes and desire effortless beauty, go for this timeless technique to fill in your lash line. For volume admirers, a premade volume fan consisting of 2-10 very thin eyelash extensions usually (2D-6D), is placed on one natural eyelash to give a very dramatic and fluffy look that is unique to your natural lashes. It is a more technical process, requiring more expertise and patience, taking approx 2.5 to 3 hours to complete. If you dare to carry the glitz and glam of this look, then the volume lash extensions are your way to go. The hybrid lashes, as mentioned above, are a blend of both the classic and volume lash extensions technique that give clients a natural and full appearance without looking false or unnatural. The hybrid lashes tend to create a broken lash line, which adds texture and a spiked look but is gentle at the same time. The hybrid lashes are perfect for clients who have sections of sparse and dense lashes, or who have naturally thin lashes overall. Lash artists can place the fans in the sections where the lashes are sparse and can opt for single extensions in the denser areas. For clients who are bored of classic lash extensions and don’t wish to add too much drama to the volume lashes, hybrid lashes can help achieve the perfect balance. They’ll give you a natural, mascara effect giving you the chance to get a feel of the voluminous lash look. Hybrid extensions are ideal if you want to add more volume and texture than volume lashes, but without the fake appearance of volume lashes. Finally, your objectives will decide the final eyelash extensions you and your lash stylist shortlist.

/p> Conclusion Eyelash extensions are the surefire way to elevate your lashes without the need of spending hours on a daily eye-makeup application. With proper maintenance, this look can last up to several weeks letting you wake up and go without your best friend’s mascara or falsies. There may be However, unlike many beauty treatments, this one is unique to each client. Lash artists can’t use the one size fits all mantra as there are various styles to choose from depending on the client’s lash health and desire. It is important to consult and prep the clients before you place that first lash so that you and your client are on the same page. Visit Wisp Lashes to get a first-hand experience of our excellent service in our plush lashing environment. There may be a thousand questions running through your mind which are why our experts will help to resolve any confusion. We hope to add your name to our list of happy clients shortly. Contact us today!